June 20, 2015: Between July 21 and August 2, I will be a fellow at this year’s Sewanee Writers’ Conference. I have a reading, but I’m not yet sure of the date. I will post that information when I have it.

May 5, 2015: My essay “Distance,” about the night I learned my father had run someone over when I was a child, appears in Pembroke Magazine.

April 10, 2015: My essay “Blood Brothers” is part of the Being: What Makes a Man anthology (University of Nebraska Gender Programs). If you go to the Amazon site you can “Look Inside” to read the essay. Then go buy the book! It features 18 different authors, including David Shields and my former teacher Lee Martin. Thanks to Jill McCabe Johnson for helping with this piece and for including my work in the anthology.

February 14, 2014: LitChat has asked me to serve as a contributing editor, speaking to the craft of writing and teaching writing. Here is my first post, that looks at the ways running is part of my writing process. In it I speak to how I started running by doing laps in my apartment, dressed like Matthew Modine in Vision Quest.
Running While I Write

August 15, 2012: HUSTLE announced as a finalist for the PEN Center USA Literary Award for Fiction.
PEN Center USA Literary Awards

May 18, 2012: BOOKSLUT has posted an article by Colleen Mondor titled “We Can’t Choose Our Families,” discussing HUSTLE along with five other recently released novels that center around adolescents struggling to survive their idiosyncratic and difficult families.
We Can’t Choose Our Families

May 1, 2012: THE SENTINEL posted this article by Joyce Hargrove on the setting panel that I did with Lori Ostlund, K.L. Cook, and Jonathan Frey at the GET LIT! Festival.
Note: That is not me in the pictures on the right, popping wheelies on a motorcycle.
That is Lori.
Get Lit! Article

January 4, 2012: LITCHAT selects HUSTLE as a “Favorite Book of 2011.”
LitChat Announcement

December 12, 2011: Interview with Craig Lancaster on his website MIND ADRIFT IN THE WEST where we talk about my infatuation with Xanadu, the dirty life of book touring, and anthemic punk rock.
Interview for Mind Adrift in the West

December 5, 2011: Article in THE WESTERN HERALD by Kassie Charnley about my reading in the the WMU Frostic Reading Series with Melinda Moustakis and Elizabeth Knapp, including some of my advice to writers (as if…).
Western Herald Article on WMU Reading

December 1, 2011: Radio Interview with WMUK (Western Michigan University’s Radio Station) where I got to DJ.
Interview (sorry, not posted – I played a song by the amazing band Centro-Matic, though, so go check them out.)

November 13, 2011: Radio interview in conjunction with the Miami International Book Festival.
Interview (not posted – which in fact relieves me because, due to solo traveling for new-book research, it was the first time I’d talked extensively to anyone in ten days, and I did the interview in a dark closet, speaking to a laptop with only the interviewer’s picture on the screen.)

October 14, 2011: MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE calls HUSTLE “an auspicious debut.”
Star Tribune Article

September 30, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW “highly recommends” HUSTLE.

September 28, 2011: EXAMINER gives HUSTLE four stars.

September 23, 2011: TOOTHY BOOKS gives HUSTLE four stars.

September 7, 2011: My 20 city Book Tour begins at BookPeople in Austin today. See the Events page to know if I’m headed your way.

August 14, 2011: Interview with Brian Seeman at WORD/SOUND.
Interview at WORD/SOUND

August 4, 2011: NEWPAGES.COM selects HUSTLE as a new and noteworthy book.

July 30, 2011: Interview with Tom Cantwell at NORTHWEST BOOK LOVERS.
Interview at NWBL

June 21, 2011: First Article about HUSTLE, by Rosemary Ponnekanti at THE NEWS TRIBUNE.
News Tribune

June 21, 2011: HUSTLE is now available!