HUSTLE Named a Finalist for the PEN Center USA Award for Fiction

The past few months have been hectic but fun. The first was my inertia-grappling transition from sabbatical back to teaching, which has in many ways been great (to get to work with new fiction writing students, get back with my colleagues). Also, and ongoing, is the house that Jen and I moved into seems to require new attention every week (leaks, refrigerator, something else that’s banging around right now that I haven’t quite disseminated). For a day we were certain the house was haunted, because one night we heard furniture shifting around upstairs; later we learned this was not due to a ghost, but an earthquake. Lucky… us?

Since my last post, some great things have happened. The first is that HUSTLE was named a finalist for the PEN Center USA Award for Fiction. This was stunning news for me and the novel, and I am thrilled and humbled by this huge honor.

Another is an interview I wrote with Lauren Groff is now up at The Rumpus. I am very happy to have this piece up at one of my favorite online sites, and appreciative of Lauren for answering my questions. Here is a link to the interview.

That’s about it. I have a few other things happening, namely work on the new book and a few side projects happening. More to come soon.

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