First Entry

Here on a rainy spring day in Tacoma, Washington, my first post. Sitting at my laptop with my small tuxedo cat Giguère smacking the keys, and I am suddenly reminded of my eighth birthday when I got my first journal – I had wanted one badly, dreaming of something hardbound with a lock, and I ended up getting a vinyl bound day planner that my dad passed along because he couldn’t keep up with it – and trying to think of something to write. So I wrote that I got a BB Gun and a few He-Men. “And I got you diary,” I wrote in pencil. Then I wrote about eating cake and cleaning my room.

Today I am reading the final proofs of Hustle – the last step before sending it off to print – which is at once a bit terrifying and a relief. I am getting it back to my editor and publisher at Press 53 after a busy week working with my Capstone in Fiction Writing students on their projects, then having the wonderful experience of seeing each of them read to an audience and take questions regarding their work. And me sitting there, smiling with sleep-dep eyes. I was pushing to return the proofs on Friday, and I would have, but I was going twenty hours per day, days on end, and my editor and publisher said to hold off, that we are already ahead and I should get some sleep. They are fantastic like that. So I did, and I’m about finished, and I’m very excited. I’m going for a run, and I’m going to watch basketball. I’ll then glance over things again before sending it along. Perhaps eat some cake and clean up my office.

What I’m Reading: The Bright Forever, by Lee Martin
What I’m Listening To: The Centro-matic 24 song sampler, which you should go get NOW because it’s a free “best of” from a terrific band out of mighty Denton, Texas. Here is the link to their site that has a link to the free download: http://www.centro-matic.com. You can listen to it without downloading if you scroll further down. Start with “The Mighty Midshimpman” maybe? Or “Smelling Medicinal.”